A poetic prayer


Father, who givest us now the new year,
grant that Thy mercy may with it appear;
lead us the path along which we must go;
choose Thou our portion of pleasure or woe.

Father, Thy blessing give brightening each day;
be Thou our comforter, hear when we pray.
Let us not go alone out in the wild;
let Thy forgiving love shelter each child.

Whate’er our work shall be let us have light;
what our hands find to do doing with might;
faithfully serving Thee while it is day,
so be the happy year passing away.

Father, Thy wisdom give, let us be strong;
keep us from grieving Thee doing the wrong.
Oh, let us hear Thy voice calling us near,
oh, let us see the way clearly appear.

Father, we cannot see what is before,
yet we would sing our song trusting Thee more;
burdens we have and griefs bitter to bear.
But Thou wilt quiet us, thou who dost care.

So we will meet the months leaning on Thee,
loving and mighty One, still near us be;
help us to forward go strong in Thy fear;
Father, abide with us all through the year.

If it should be the last, happy are we!
We in the heavenly home with Thee shall be.
Guide our feet thither, and bless Thou us still—
Father, with us and ours do Thine own will.

Marianne Farningham. England (1834-1909)

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