The dying storm


I am feeble, pale, and weary,

and my wings are nearly furled;

I have caused a scene so dreary,

I am glad to quit the world!

Whit bitterness I’m thinking

on the evil I have done,

and to my caverns sinking

from the coming of the sun.


The heart of man will sicken

in that pure and holy light,

when he feels the hopes I’ve stricken

with an everlasting blight!

For widely, in my madness,

have I poured abroad my wrath,

and changing joy to sadness,

scattered ruin on my path.


Earth shuddered at my motion,

and my power in silence owns;

but the deep and troubled ocean

o’er my deeds of horror moans!

I have sunk the brightest treasure –

I’ve destroyed the fairest form –

I have sadly filled my measure,

and I am now a dying storm.

Hannah Flagg Gould. USA (1789-1865)

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