Para niños


Jesus Kids
A Jesus kid, I’m a Jesus kid
I believe the good news so I’m a Jesus kid
A Jesus kid, I’m a Jesus kid
God can use me too ‘cause I’m a Jesus kid

Verse 1
One thing we learn from Jesus’ time in this world
Is how much He loves little boys and girls
Big crowds followed Jesus hoping He would heal their sickness
Jesus showed compassion and healed them with the quickness
Some wanted to hear His lessons, others asked Him questions
Some brought children to Him, hoping that He would bless them
Or maybe pray for them, lay hands on the babies
But when they saw this, the disciples got angry
“What do you think this is? He’s not a babysitter, is He?
Send the kids away, don’t you see the Teacher’s busy?”
But Jesus said, “They can come if they please
The Kingdom of God belongs to ones like these
So, please, let the children come to Me and don’t hinder
Unless you become like them, heaven you won’t enter”
So kids, look to the cross where Jesus hung
And receive eternal life because you’re not too young!


Verse 2
Story number two is really kind of simple
It’s all about some children and what they did in the temple
On this very day, Jesus appeared humbly
He entered into Jerusalem riding on a donkey
The King had arrived, the crowd was so excited
That they began to shout out, “Hosanna in the highest!”
When Jesus got to the temple, some children were there
Blind people came to him and He healed them right there
When the kids saw Jesus, you wanna know what they did?
They cried out, “Hosanna to the Son of David!”
Some adults got angry, saying, “You hear what they said?!”
Jesus said, “Yeah I heard them, have you never read,
‘From the mouths of infants and nursing babes
The God of the Universe has prepared praise’”?
So kids, trust in Jesus- He can make you new
And you can open up your mouth and sing His praises too!


Verse 3
Now story number three is something you gotta see
This one takes place by the Sea of Galilee
Now Jesus did miracles, showing God’s great might
The sick He made well, the blind He gave sight
He healed so many people that He drew a large crowd and then
Wherever Jesus went, He had a lot of people following
That didn’t bother Him, He welcomed all that God would bring Him
He healed all their diseases and He spoke of God’s kingdom
Well now it was the end of a very long day
The disciples said, “Lord, please send these people away!
They need a place to stay, plus they haven’t eaten and…”
Jesus looked them in the eyes and said “You feed them, then.”
They looked at Jesus, they looked at the crowd again
They said, “Uh.. Lord there’s over five thousand men.
We could work for six or seven months and still that won’t equal
Enough to give little bit to all of these people!”
Just then a boy came forward, you know what he said?
“I got a little bit of fish and a little bit of bread”
So Jesus took it, and though it wasn’t a whole bunch
He fed five thousand men with a little boy’s lunch
Everybody ate, they had food to spare
All because a little boy wasn’t too rude to share
So kids, trust in Jesus, that’s what you should do
And if you give Him what you have, He can use you too!


Shai Linne
USA, published Dec 28, 2017

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