There I go again


There I go again:

quick to stumble, break, and fall.

Another choice of word

that’s slipped and heard

so full of swearing gall.


And there I go again:

poor steward of time and wages;

so wasted, spent;

dare I repent

before the Rock of Ages?


Now there I go again:

harboring rage against my neighbor,

whom I’m to love

if I’m made of

the Spirit for Whom I labor.


God of heaven,

tell me this –

do I betray you with a kiss…

from unclean lips,

so coarse- profane?

I am not fit

to call Your name!


Much less to have

Your mercy, new,

that falls on me

with morning due…

so crisp and clean,

‘fore men confessed,

all my sins

as grace refreshed;

and Godly sorrow swallows pride



holy, satisfied,


not by a pious claim of mine

for none are they to find.

Though of no merit,

I will inherit

a kingdom, most divine!


Because God’s rage against me

has been meted out;

and not on me

but on a tree

where Christ defeated doubt!


And so to Him I reach for,

despite my deep chagrin…

His hem, I touch,

absolving much!

It’s there, I go again.

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