To the Unknown Evangelist, My Brother



Just before the break of dawn

the world looms dark, difficult and dreary.

The autumn winds and rain

dah your sleepy dreams,

a troublesome and melancholy net

shrouds your heart.

Looking back along the trodden path

the whole is full of potholes and rough patches.

Some defeats.

Some victories.

Many stone-cold heartaches

and yet, so many shouts of praise.

Remember that day,

you suddenly felt so alone!

Old friends were long estranged,

and fellow believers likewise cold and aloof!

Toward the world you felt pity and sorrow,

but in return came scoffing and mockery.

You showed unbridled enthusiasm to the brothers and sisters,

but they bequeathed you only a spiritually

unbearable, oppressive sadness;

no one understood,

and no one took notice;

despair crushed your heart,

grief stifled your breath!

Although you diligently attended your daily work,

deep in the night you often wept silently before the Lord!

So alone!

In this world, other than your own shadow,

it seemed as if no other companion walked your path,

therefore, as you felt oppressed,

you couldn’t help but begin to hesitate…

Yet, just at that instant,

you remembered anew the moment of your call!

Lying in waste, the fields were white and ripe for harvest,

your fellow countrymen, under fire of war, were like lost sheep

crying out! Weeping in sorrow!


we will raise our banners high!

Let them wave,

let them fly,

let them face the sun,

let them welcome the bright and shining King!


let the tempest quickly come!


when the world looms ever more dark, difficult, and dreary

we yet firmly believe, in the distance

the dawn is visible!

The dawn is visible!

Bian Yunbo. China (1925-2018)poe

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